Search and Rescue

Watch how Bond Pilots, Aircrewmen and Paramedics are delivering the Helicopter Search and Rescue service for BP's Jigsaw programme in the North Sea. 

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Search and Rescue
  • CEO

    Richard Mintern, CEO, Northern Europe & Australia, Avincis Group, discusses 100 day planning and mission-critical services in his regions.

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  • Crew Change

    Ed Waterhouse is a Pilot with Bond Offshore, flying mission-critical personnel within the oil and gas sector to locations in the North Sea.

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  • Air Ambulance

    Craig Trott is one of our Glasgow based Pilots operating both the Air Ambulance and Police Helicopters. 

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  • Police Helicopter

    Andy Rooney is another of our Glasgow based Pilots flying the Strathclyde Police Air Support Unit helicopter equipped with Night Vision Goggles.

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  • Training Instructor

    J.J. Johnston is one of our Bond Training Captains based in Aberdeen putting new and experienced pilots through their paces in the simulator. 

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  • Engineer

    Ian Taylor is an engineer with Bond and he and his team provide 24-hour maintenance for our Air Ambulance and Police Helicopters based in Glasgow. 

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